1. Sprung Out - Philly in Spring 2014.

  2. Fly Your Flag

  3. The Day Suit Corner Burnt down.

    I was down the street a conference and a speaker makes a joke about 5 alarm five fire happening down the street. (Haha) No one thinks anything of the comment as we sit there half entertained, half glazed over. Lunch break brings views of smoke filled skies and fire trucks…something really was on fire. It was the Suit Corner. The Shirt Corner’s brother meeting the same end. In a weird way, both locations were Old City icons. Ugly as all hell, but there they stood in my Old City memories. Their end was a little too ironic. Thank God, no one was hurt and the city moves on. 

  4. Futuristic Flow

  5. Sunset Over Philly

  7. All Damn Day…

  10. Sleep like a King.

  11. You Mad? Or Nah!

  12. Air Rat Rising…

  14. Everything is looking up.