1. About a decade ago, a close friend and I spent a short night putting
    up some toy tags in an alleyway in downtown Potsdam, NY. I know the
    owner of the wall which always made me feel a little sour about
    defacing his wall.

    Every time I would see him in passing he would allude to knowing that
    we had a part in the graffiti on the wall of his art gallery and tile
    shop. I always joked that “whoever” did would come back someday to
    cover the poor eye sore and bring some life to the alleyway wall.

    It took ten years for me to come back and make good on my word. The
    painting of the wall, or atleast my part, could only be done in less
    than 24 hours on a rainy dreary day. What pictures you will see is
    just the beginning of many hours of work to come from many other

    I worked with fellow Potsdam artist, Colin Prahl, who just graduated
    from RISD. My art show, Parlor Tricks, preceded a body of work  by
    Colin that is now on display at the gallery. Among the rainy day of
    painting there was wind gusts, a gutter-less roof providing random
    downpours on its own, and layers upon layers of all types of paint
    that may still not have dried. I was lucky enough though to share the
    day with great artists and friends who came by to support and chat.
    Thank you to all who support the arts in the North Country, and I can
    only hope the beginning of this mural may help inspire the next
    generation to put their mark where they see fit, and work hard to
    improve their mark.

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