1. Little black and grey fun

  2. Little bear out for a little night stroll

  3. Fun one today

  4. Fun one. Wraps a bit I promise the front of her face isn’t quite that squished. Thanks Allison

  5. Bartop geometry

  6. North country people. I will be on Potsdam next Thursday and Friday doing tattoos at Beyond. I have very limited space available and would love to do something fun. I will have many drawings with me. Email d.smythtattoo@gmail.com and let’s get down. Feel free to text if you got my number. See you soon stoners

  7. Perfume and string of pearls on @coco__christine

  8. Logos make me loco

  9. Practicing Catholic for the weekend.

  10. From the Hood to the Country. Greg reflecting on his time spent on the streets of Germantown.

  11. Dog day.

  12. Hear no Speak no See no flowers on a tiny upper arm

  13. Apologies for the glare

  14. Hometown Delicacies. (Still claiming Troegs as a HBG product) (at Tröegs Brewing Company)

  15. My Dad (aka Hugh Palmer) is trying to help me get my MOJO back.