1. From the Hood to the Country. Greg reflecting on his time spent on the streets of Germantown.

  2. Dog day.

  3. Hear no Speak no See no flowers on a tiny upper arm

  4. Apologies for the glare

  5. Hometown Delicacies. (Still claiming Troegs as a HBG product) (at Tröegs Brewing Company)

  6. My Dad (aka Hugh Palmer) is trying to help me get my MOJO back.

  7. Harrisburg, don’t shoot!

  8. More street shop steez

  9. Haven’t posted a tattoo in a while. Here’s exactly what I have been doing most days. Now off to camp for the weekend

  10. Happy Mail Day! Just in time for #EverSimpsonsEver

  11. 5 Years Strong.

  12. Cape May

  15. Camp Vibes.